Frostpunk roadmap 2020


Jump to navigation. The Warsaw-based team has created not one but two games that can easily be considered modern classics. The game shattered expectations of what a war game could be and enjoyed widespread critical and commercial success. To date, the game has sold over 1.

Figure 1. The technical collaboration between 11 bit studios and Intel dates back to the development of Anomaly 2released in We had quite low frame rates on PCs with integrated graphics, so we needed to optimize our game. Figure 2. Image courtesy of 11 bit studios. Szymon worked closely with his Intel contact, software engineer Bartosz Boczula, to bring the PC version of Frostpunk up to spec. Valuable input came from both sides: testing by Bartosz and the team at Intel provided low-level profiling results, ideas on rendering pipeline optimizations, and helped track down GPU memory bandwidth bottlenecks.

One of the most significant results was that he came up with a whole new algorithm for the snow system, a journey that he and Bartosz documented in detail in a technical article. Fruits of the process included the next iteration of the GPU profiling from Intel, while for Szymon, it led to new ideas for the technology pipelines. Figure 3. Following on from previous successful initiatives, Intel and Green Man Gaming partnered to promote Frostpunk with front page features on the store.

More than 18 months have passed since the initial launch of Frostpunk on PC, and the title is showing no signs of losing momentum. Figure 4. Good decisions under pressure can result in a substantial Frostpunk community expanding outwards from the steam-powered central Generator. Looking beyond Frostpunk11 bit studios have plenty up their sleeves. Whatever the project is, the chances are good that Intel will once again be in the background, helping to deliver the best PC experience possible.

We want to design with good multithreading optimization for our future games, so I think Intel will be a great help. Established in and based in Warsaw, Poland, 11 bit studios is a successful video game developer and publisher. The company found initial success with the Anomaly series of real-time strategy tower defense games, which have been released for PC, console, and mobile platforms. Figure 5. Both games garnered very positive reviews from press and players.

It met with a very positive reception from players and critics and has sold over 1.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Frostpunk Store Page. Global Achievements.

Stretch35 View Profile View Posts. I've been told by some that it's probably still a little early to expect one, but since a new mini-update was released yesterday I figured it probably wouldn't hurt to discuss when it might be coming around and what it might bring. So if we're going off their AMA they did back on November 9th, we have one thing confirmed already. The Mac version is set to be finished on the 13th.

Frostpunk Season Pass reveals frosty new expansion, The Rifts

However, take it with a grain of salt that this information may or may NOT be on their schedule. However, it didn't really make sense in hindsight to add them in, but if a scenario we create has a place for these laws then we'll definitely add them into the game. They were originally going to be there from the start, but were cut due to time constraint issues and other reasons.

According to the Dev, no one has found it yet, but said it's hidden really well.

frostpunk roadmap 2020

If people really like Endless Mode and demand for new content in Endless mode is sought after, then they plan to implement a lot of those features in future updates. Time table wise for a road map, my money is on either March or April for some information as to what they have in store for us. Last edited by Stretch35 ; 7 Feb, am. Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Desertfalcon98 View Profile View Posts. Xenowarrior View Profile View Posts. We've got suggestions a plenty here on the discussion threads here Baarbapapa View Profile View Posts.

More contents please, i love this game!!! Originally posted by Baarbapapa :. FrostPunk is a great game but it really need some more variety in game settings, in random events, etc.

Some additions that makes a new game different from previous one! Per page: 15 30 Frostpunk is a city-building survival game developed and published by 11 bit studios. The game received generally positive reviews upon release and sold over 1. The game is set in an alternate where the eruptions of Krakatoa and Mount Tamborathe dimming of the Sunand other unknown factors caused a worldwide volcanic winter.

This in turn led to widespread crop failure and the death of millions. This event roughly lines up with the historical eruption of Krakatoaa volcanic event that led to global cooling. In response to this, several installations called "generators" were built by the British authorities in the coal-rich North, designed to be city centers [1] in the event that dropping temperatures force mass migration from the south. In all scenarios, the player known by the denizens of their city as "the Captain" is the leader of a city around a generator, and will have to manage resources to ensure the city's survival.

The game launched with three scenarios, each with different backgrounds and storylines. Two additional scenarios were added as DLCsone free to all players and one as part of the Season Pass.

Endless Mode was also introduced in a later patch that eschews narrative elements to focus on surviving for as long as possible while weathering intermediate storms. In the main scenario, the player is the leader of a group of explorers who fled the cold and the hunger of London in an expedition to find supposed massive coal reserves in the North.

Instead, the group gets separated from the main expeditionary party and discovers a massive heat generator in a giant sheltered crater and settles there. The player begins to face the issue of the people's dwindling hope as they find out, through exploration, a city similar to theirs called Winterhome has been destroyed, leaving few survivors. The player has to make hard decisions in order to help the people find their purpose and stay hopeful. The player later also has to prepare enough supplies to make sure the city survives an impending storm.

In the second scenario, the player is tasked as the leader of a group of scholars from Oxford and Cambridge responsible for establishing a self-operational city for the purpose of preserving seeds and plants from around the world from the volcanic winter.

They settle around a generator located in an ice crevasse. During the gameplay, the player will be presented with the issue of a neighboring city struggling with resources, and will have to make a choice whether or not to help them prepare for the incoming storm. In the third scenario, the player is set as the leader of a refugee group who have taken over a generator reserved originally for a large group of wealthy lords.

The people had intended the city to be a place where everyone is equal, but in time the people will begin to divide into two separate social classes. The player will also have to deal with constant waves of refugees seeking shelter in the city, including the overthrown lords. The player will have to decide to accept them or reject them while also minding the limited resources they have access to.

Released on September 19, as a free DLC, this scenario revolves around the story of Winterhome, a city established well before the events of the main scenario.

Through ineffective management by a neglectful leader, resources ran dry and the city fell into anarchy and rioting. Hundreds die in the fighting, starvation, and cold. The player is tasked to rebuild what is left of the city and its residents, but after getting things under control, the player learns that the city's generator is damaged beyond repair, and has only a few days to put in practice an evacuation plan.

Introduced in Frostpunk's 1. Unlike all the other scenarios, there is no major story or quest objective beyond surviving each winter storm as they come and the scenario only ends when the player loses. Players can choose between two primary sub-modes and one of several different maps, each with different challenges players have to take into account while planning their city.

The Endurance sub-mode features fewer available resources and harsher weather while the Serenity sub-mode grants the player most of the earlier technologies and enjoys shorter blizzards.

An additional Temporary Hazards setting will also randomly plague players with severe setbacks that inhibit some aspect of their city for a limited time. The British Empire has created the Imperial Exploration Company to scout across the Atlantic Ocean to Canada for sites to construct generators; the player is the overseer of one such location, "Site ", for the intended evacuation of Liverpool.

While constructing their own generator, the player will also be called to investigate the loss of contact with Sites and destroyed by shoddy workmanship and a syndicalist revolt, respectivelyleaving the player's construction site as Liverpool's last hope. If the player takes too long in construction, they risk being fired by the IEC and sent home, ending the game.

As the scenario progresses, the first snow begins to arrive and the sea freezes, cutting the site off from the supply ships, and the player must continue to work on the generator and wait out the freezing weather until an icebreaker can arrive to take them home to England.

The scenario includes new technology trees and resources, new buildings including a telegraph station, labour unions, and docksnew Books of Law to determine societal changes moving forward, and new threats to the settlement, including toxic gas leaks and worker strikes. The DLC also includes "The Builders", a new sub-mode for Endless Mode, which involves rebuilding a destroyed generator in winter conditions.

The player character starts out with a small group of survivors that consists of workers, engineers, and children, and several small caches of supplies with which to build a city. From there players harvest coal, wood, steel and food in order to keep their society warm and healthy in the midst of constantly fluctuating temperatures.The roads are essential in keeping your city operational.

They allow the citizens to travel around the city safely. They're also required for buildings to function and allow you to build Steam Hubs - smaller sources of heat that allow you to provide heat to buildings that are located away from the main Generator.

This is why you need to invest in roads from the very beginning. The roads have to be built in a certain way. They can either go around the generator, or be perpendicular to it.

That's meant to save space. If you want to build a road, go to the building menu and click the icon marked with a ' 1 ' on the screen below. This will allow you to build roads. You will be able to build a road without restraints. If you decide that a road isn't doing the job well, you can always dismantle it.

In order to do that, click the icon marked ' 2 ' on the screen below. You will then be able to take a piece of the road or the entire road apart. The roads are of course not free, and you will have to pay for them with wood.

That's why you cannot just design the entire road system all at once - you have to do that on the fly, as the game goes on.

All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Frostpunk Game Guide. Game Guide. How to build roads? Table of Contents. The road-building tool is very legible.

frostpunk roadmap 2020

Frostpunk Game Guide Game Guide. Basic tips. How to start? Gameplay mechanics. Collecting wood Excavating coal Food Steel. How to get Steam Cores? Is it worth to assign children to work? What are Automatons?Thanks to your feedback, we've been able to fix the reported issues.

On top of that, we've also added some smaller changes that we hope you'll find pleasing. Find the full list of innovations devised by our brave engineers below. If you still encounter any problems, be sure to reach out to our engineers at techsupport 11bitstudios. Your feedback is highly valuable and helps us improve the living conditions for all of us. The time has come! As you probably know, the expansion is a part of Frostpunk Season Pass that was released in August but can be also bought separately.

The Last Autumn tells a prequel story. Experience the events that ended with the cataclysm and lead the construction of the iconic Generator. Not everyone will be happy with the work conditions and some of your people - albeit they shouldn't know it - could pay the ultimate price when striving to give humankind their last hope. All expansions will arrive on consoles at a later date.

Our engineers have devised a set of brand new improvements to the Automatons, Wall Drills and more!

Has Frostpunk been improved by its updates?

It should make the lives of New Londoners easier. Find the full list of changes below. Please note that some fixes may require starting a new playthrough.

Old save files can still be affected by issues with Automatons' pathfinding and resources placement. If you encounter any issues - please report them to [ [1] ]. Bundle up and prepare to jump back into the icy grip of the Frostpunk universe! The expansion pack brings a brand new map to the Endless Mode, where you use new gameplay mechanics to bridge the rifts to access new areas and expand your city in unprecedented ways. See the gameplay trailer below:. Players who purchase the Season Pass will receive The Rifts for free and gain access to two major upcoming expansions packs:.

Scouts from the city of New London are on the hunt for information and their safe return is expected at the launch of The Last Autumn. Stay tuned to find out more! All Frostpunk players also receive a free update today, as well! After months of waiting, and hundreds of emails asking about it, we can finally deliver the good news.

The game will be available worldwide, with the price at Any media outlet willing to try it out already is more than welcomed to contact us and we will grant the access.

For them, we have prepared a brand new patch 1. What is it? Well, basically now you can document your triumph over the winter, and show it to your friends.

FROSTPUNK REVIEW - Worth it in 2020?

This new tool has everything you need to take stunning photos of your city and includes a choice of graphic effects to transform the picture. Find the detailed list of new features and changes below.

It's the end of December - and in the old days, it meant that Christmas is near. To preserve the tradition - let's celebrate it with a free update! In the darkest of times, what they truly need is a little bit of hope — a tiny piece of home in a world far away from the home they remember. Also, remember - if you encounter any new issues with the game - we've created this email address: techsupport 11bitstudios.

However, with the Holiday Season nearing - we might be a little bit slower with the replies than usual. Thank you for your understanding.

We've gathered a lot of feedback since the last update - thanks for contacting us on Steam, Reddit, Facebook, via support email and other channels!My people are fed, my homes are warm, my resources are abundant, and my generator is purring like a well-fed cat. So we thrive, instead.

Storms still roll in, but my insulated houses and network of well-stocked steam heaters make them little more than extra-snow snow days for my workers, who can just penguin-waddle their way to their jobs in cosy coal mines and thoroughly heated hospitals. Things are going so well that I can even splurge on a few gardens: steam-fed public spaces that serve little purpose other than prettying up the place.

The latter is trickier. I focused instead on symmetry. I knocked down houses that had started as tents, letting people go homeless for a night as I put up new digs in concentric rings around my town, interspersing them with clinics and cookhouses at regular intervals.

Outside of unnecessary construction projects, I spent my time sending scouts out to dig up old treasures.

The Endless update also added Archives, a new building designed to house relics left over from the old world, before it got all colded up. I had find 15 of these in order to fill my Archives, and sent scouts hopping from empty cave, to ruined shelter, to supply cache, on the lookout for the rusted-out hulks of dreadnoughts in order to dig them out. By far the bigger prize out in the wastes are survivors.

I was banished into the wastes to die as a failure, and as my avatar trudged away, I blamed a few foibles with Frostpunk in the fact that important buildings can look a little too similar in the winter wasteland, and that major drains on your resources can be a little tricky to diagnose from a distance without a lot of clicking.

But most of all I blamed myself. Endurance mode feels like Frostpunk at its hardest: the same threats as the toughest portions of the original campaign, with no end in sight. Surviving, let alone thriving, in this mode felt to me as unfair as instant global cooling would actually be. Even back at launch, that mode did something very difficult in strategy gaming: it made you care about every resource. Do I spend wood on roads, or research?

Do I burn it now for immediate charcoal, or keep it in stores for tougher times ahead? Do I really need steel now, or can it wait? Patches and hotfixes make the cold world more liveable, and neat additions like a photo mode have made it more inviting.

If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. Find more information here. More by me. Wot I Think: Frostpunk. Make sure Fallout 76's new wastelanders won't kick you out of your camp. Here's a shirtless Carlos mod for Resident Evil 3—you're welcome.

frostpunk roadmap 2020

Riot are already banning cheaters in Valorant's beta. Now streaming live:. Jump to comments Who am I? Rich McCormick Contributor More by me.

Please enable Javascript to view comments. Latest articles Make sure Fallout 76's new wastelanders won't kick you out of your camp 4. Here's a shirtless Carlos mod for Resident Evil 3—you're welcome 4.Check the Frostpunk system requirements. Can I Run it? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. System requirements Lab runs millions of PC requirements tests on over 6, games a month. Frostpunk is a game about society survival.

It sold over 1. You will become a leader of the last bastion of humanity, a steam-powered city. Lead your entire society by managing resources and make incredibly difficult choices that seem both ambiguous and pressing.

And always remember: The City Must Survive. What will you do when pushed to the limit? Want to use System Requirements Lab on your site? Click here to learn more.

frostpunk roadmap 2020

Frostpunk System Requirements. Can You Run It. System Requirements Lab may earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs. Super Mega Baseball 3. The Procession to Calvary. Fallout 76 Wastelanders. Radio General. Plebby Quest: The Crusades. We Went Back. Dreamscaper: Prologue. Crazy Taxi. Sea of Thieves Ships of Fortune.

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